Acceptance of Terms

By using this website, you agree to abide by these Terms & Conditions, subject to amendments with or without notice. If using specific services on this site, you're bound by their rules too.
Service Description
Kingofshink.com offers access to diverse resources, including communication tools, forums, shopping, and personalized content. The Service may contain ads necessary for its provision. Certain communications from Kingofshink.com are part of membership and cannot be opted out. New features are subject to TOS. The Service is "AS-IS," and Kingofshink.com is not liable for user communications or settings.


You must be legally eligible to use the Service. Provide accurate Registration Data, update it, and maintain one account per person. False information may result in account suspension.
Account Security
Protect your account's confidentiality and notify Kingofshink.com of any unauthorized use or breaches. Kingofshink.com isn't liable for losses due to negligence.

User Conduct

You're responsible for your Content. Kingofshink.com doesn't control posted Content and isn't liable for it. Don't use the Service to post objectionable, infringing, or harmful content. Kingofshink.com may pre-screen Content and remove violating material.
Submitted Content
You grant Kingofshink.com licenses to use submitted Content based on their types. Kingofshink.com is not the owner of the submitted Content.


Payments are made through PayPal or Payoneer on the first day of each month. Minimum withdrawal amounts apply.


Kingofshink.com pays Publishers 50% of ad-generated revenue associated with their Accounts.


Default advertisements may appear if no advertisers target your demographic.

Service URLs

Kingofshink.com retains URLs associated with your account unless TOS is breached.


You'll defend Kingofshink.com against claims arising from your Content or use of the Service.

No Resale of Service

You won't exploit the Service for commercial purposes.

Modification of Service

Kingofshink.com may modify or discontinue the Service without notice.


Kingofshink.com may terminate accounts for TOS violations or inactivity.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The Service is provided "AS-IS." Kingofshink.com disclaims all warranties and isn't liable for certain damages.

Limitation of Liability

Kingofshink.com is not liable for certain damages resulting from Service use.
All countries are accepted except Iran due to regulations.


Report violations to the contact form.

Kingofshink.com Logo Rules

Using the Kingofshink.com logo to imply affiliation or endorsement without permission is prohibited.

Refund Policy

Unused advertising credit can be refunded within certain time limits and through specific platforms.

Additional Rules for the 'Website Entry Script' -

Do not advertise a webpage containing our 'Website Entry Script' directly on any form of traffic exchange/PTC website.
Do not place the 'Website Entry Script' on a website that contains adult content.
Do not offer incentives to visitors to click on the link containing the 'Website Entry Script,' including gifts/points/money.
Do not ask/beg people to visit a URL containing the 'Website Entry Script' solely to generate revenue.

Visitor Requirements - You will receive compensation for a visitor who clicks on an Kingofshink.com link or accesses a website containing the Website Entry Script, provided they meet the following requirements:

The visitor must view a sponsored advertisement, which excludes the default Kingofshink.com website.
The visitor must engage with the sponsored advertisement for a minimum of 5 seconds.
The visitor must have JavaScript and Cookies enabled.

If a publisher is found in violation of the rules or reported in the detailed Terms and Conditions, their account will be deleted, and all earnings will be confiscated.


General Rules - The following are prohibited in advertisements displayed on our network:

Popups / Popunders or any other automatically triggered windows.
Malware, spyware, exploits, viruses, or any malicious code that alters the visitor's computer in any way.
Cookie stuffing.
Adult content or adult websites, at the discretion of Kingofshink.com.
Any form of frame breakers - our Kingofshink.com header must remain intact.
Anything related to illegal activity.
Services of a competitor or anything that could "trick" the visitor.
We reserve the right to reject any advertisement on Kingofshink.com, with a full refund.

If an Advertiser is found or reported in violation of the rules outlined in the detailed Terms and Conditions, their account will be deleted, and their advertisements will be halted.

Visitor Criteria - You will be charged for any visitor who clicks on your advertisement by clicking on an Kingofshink.com link or views a website containing the Website Entry Script, provided they meet the following criteria:

Must view a paying advertisement, which is any advertisement other than the default Kingofshink.com website.
Must view the paying advertisement for at least 5 seconds.
Must not be a proxy server, except if you have purchased our 'Proxy Traffic' package.
Will be on an IP address located in the country you are targeting.
Will have JavaScript and Cookies enabled.
Will have Adobe Flash installed and enabled if Adobe Flash is requested as a targeting preference.
Will be a unique visitor within 24 hours.

Provide a website that loads within an acceptable time frame. If your site is down or loads very slowly, the user may use the Skip Ad button before your site is loaded. You will still be charged for this traffic.